Herb boards

Herb boards are made from salvaged timbers - current stock is English Ash from a goldrush era tree dropped in a paddock near Braidwood twenty years ago. Each batch of boards is shaped according to the the characteristics of the timber stock.

Designed to allow for eases of use as you drop your freshly chopped herbs into the pot on the stove or add them to your salad, they will last for decades as your preferred board for fine chopping.

No finish has been applied to the boards - food allergy or sensitivity issues make it very difficult to use any finishes on herb boards.

Care instructions: Your herb board cannot be put through a dishwasher. Wipe with a damp cloth or briefly wash and rinse, making sure you wipe them dry with paper kitchen towels as quickly as possible. If you would like to finish your board, lightly wipe with walnut oil ( but please be aware of tree nut allergies) or a proprietary finish of your choice. We recommend Livos oils. Make sure the board is clean, dry and that you have vigorously buffed all surfaces with a balled up brown paper lunch bag before applying.

Never use olive oil on wooden kitchen or tableware - it doesn't dry, collects dust and dirt and will go rancid.