Ergonomic seating

During 2003-2005, I completed a Graduate Diploma which focused on ergonomic performance seating for musicians, working across the Canberra School of Art, School of Music and the Material Sciences Lab (School of Engineering) ANU.

Ergonomic performance seating aims to provide seating of lasting benefit to both professional musicians and general users.

Seating for musicians should be performer specific. These pieces are designed so that seat height, length, materials and colour palette match each person's preferences, body shape and playing style.

Most performance seating has been focused on pianists but pieces for players of other instruments can also be tailor designed and made.

Ergonomic performance seating for musicians - Research into the design and development of ergonomic performance seating for pianists. Kim Johnston, 2006

I have also designed & made a number of other seating forms, including double dining benches and perch stools such as the Mu and Jin stools which are based on the overarching principle of active seating.

Piano practice bench, blackwood, spotted gum, hoop pine ply, and high durability polyurethane fabric, 2001
Mu stool - American ash with wool felt upholstery, 2013
Jin stool - plywood, stainless steel and wool felt upholstery, 2013
Double dining bench - hoop pine ply, E. obilqua and upholstered cushions, 2005
Detail - Blackwood concert bench in blackwood, hoop pine ply, leather upholstery 2013