Serving boards

Serving boards are made using recycled hardwood, either salvaged from local buildings or supplied by timber recyclers, or FSC species such as sassafras. Though light, they are stable as they are cut on the quarter and extremely well seasoned. Some feature nail holes and marks - the evidence of their previous lives.

The figure and grain varies between each board, from the spalted to clear grain with little figure. In a range of sizes these serving boards are perfect for morning toast, cheese or pate or presentation of pastries.

Available as small (less than 250mm long), medium (over 150mm wide) or large (longer than 275mm), they are elegant additions to your table and kitchen. Please note that sizes may vary depending on the timber I'm currently using.

Care instructions: Your serving board cannot be put through a dishwasher. Wipe with a damp cloth or briefly wash and rinse, making sure you wipe them dry with paper kitchen towels as quickly as possible. If it needs refinishing, lightly wipe with either grapeseed oil, or a proprietary finish. We recommend Livos oils or whittle wax finishes.

Never use olive oil on wooden kitchen or tableware - it doesn't dry, collects dust and dirt and will go rancid.